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Winter holidays begin at the end of December and last about two weeks. During winter holidays we celebrate New Year and Christmas. We have New Year’s Day on the 1-st of January. Our family and I prepare for it. Usually we buy a New Year tree and presents for each other. I like to decorate our New Year tree with toys. There are New Year parties for children at schools and theatres. Cinemas show children cartoons.

During my winter holidays I like to skate and ski, if the weather is good. There is a skating-rink not far from my house. I like to play with my friends hockey on the ice. Many children go to the skating-rinks to skate. Small children usually play snowballs or make snowmen. On Sundays all the members of our family — my mother, my father, my sister and I, go to the park to ski. I am fond of skiing.

During my holidays I spend a lot of time with my friends in the fresh air. We like to ride on the sledges.

When the weather is bad I stay at home and watch TV. Sometimes my friends come to see me and we play different games or listen to the music.

English and American pupils have their winter holidays from the 25-th of December, when it is Christmas Day in Great Britain and USA.

I like my winter holidays, but soon it’s time to go to school.

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Summer holidays are the longest of all the other holidays. I like summer holidays because I have a lot of free time. Usually I spend June in the country where my grandparents live. I help them to work in the kitchen-garden. There are many apple-trees and cherry-trees in our garden. When it is summer we often have a lot of apples and cherries. There is a river not far from our house. Every day I swim, lie in the sun and play with my friends on the bank of the river. Sometimes we go fishing.

In July I go to the camp. There is a big swimming-pool in the camp. We have happy time at the camp. Every day we play different games, swim in the swimming-pool and listen to the music. There is a forest not far from our camp and we often go there to pick up berries, such as raspberries, strawberries, red bilberries. In the afternoon we watch TV, read books and magazines. In the evening we dance and go for a walk.

I spend August with my parents at the sea-side. We usually go to Sochi. There are many sights in that town. I like to swim in the Black Sea and spend a lot of time on the beach.

Usually I return to Moscow at the middle of August. I meet my friends, and prepare for a new school year.

I like summer and my summer holidays very much.


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Sport is an important part of our life. It is popular all over the world. Sport makes people healthy and keeps them fit. Some people go in for sports professionally and some for their health. There are many stadia, swimming-pools and sport clubs in each town. Many people do their morning exercises, train themselves in sport clubs and stadia. There are many kinds of sport which are popular all over the world, such as football, volleyball, basketball, skiing, figure-skating and others. Some people train themselves in swimming-pools or skating-rinks professionally.

At school pupils have their physical training lessons. Every school has its sports ground, and schoolchildren go in for sports in the open air. They play football and volleyball there, and when it is winter they ski on their sports ground. A lot of sport competitions are held at schools. All participants try to achieve good results.

Every year there are a lot of sport events and Olympiads. Once in four years the Olympic Games take place in different countries. The first Olympic Games were held in the town of Olympia, Greece, more than 2,700 years ago.

Many people like sport too, but they only watch sports on TV or listen to sports news. They like to read articles about sportsmen and watch their records.

There are summer and winter sports. My favourite kind of sport is football. I go to the stadium twice a week and play football with my friends. I like this kind of sport very much.

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The surface of the earth is the ground. A tree stands above the ground, but its roots are under the ground. The roots get food for the tree out of the earth; they also hold the tree to the ground when the wind blows.

When a tree is young, it is very small; but it grows year after year. It gets taller and taller, its trunk gets bigger and bigger; its branches get longer and longer, and there are more and more green leaves on its branches.

The leaves of trees are green in summer. They get brown or red in autumn, and then they fall to the ground when the wind blows. But in spring, new green leaves come out again on the branches, and also pink or white blossoms which will give fruit later, in summer or in autumn.

A fruit tree gives us fruit to eat. Fruit is good to eat when it is ripe; then it is sweet.

People have gardens and kitchen gardens. In the gardens people grow : apple trees, pear trees, plum trees, cherry trees. In the kitchen gardens people grow vegetables, which are very good to eat, too: carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, potatoes.

Which part of a plant do we eat? We eat the roots of carrots, the leaves of cabbages, the red fruit of tomatoes. We also eat a lot of potatoes.


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Great Britain has a mild climate, that is, cooler in summer and warmer in winter than in other countries of Northern Europe. This is due to the winds blow from the south-west, from the ocean and the Gulf Stream, which warms the seas around the British Coast. Winter is mild, the temperature seldom falls below zero and the grass remains green all the year round.

Spring is a nice season. The weather is warm, the sun is shining brightly.

In summer temperature seldom exceeds +25. The weather is very changeable even during a day. Rains and fogs are very often. Englishmen can’t do without umbrella. Cool winds often blow from the sea. There are many sunny days in summer.

The wettest months are from October to January, but Britain has rain all the year round. Sometimes the fog is so thick that it causes much problems to drivers and walkers. The sky is grey in autumn, leaves on the trees change their colour from green to yellow.


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Упражнения по Чтению

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